A. - Viola odorata, Linnaeus: p. 8.

1. The stamens and pistil.

2. One of the spurred stamens, separate.

3. The pistil with its curved style.

B. - Acer Pseudo-platanus, Linnaeus: p. 9.

1. One of the flowers, separate.

2. The winged pair of fruits or samara. C. - Oxalis Acetosella, Linnaeus: p. 10.

1. The stamens and pistils.

2. The pistil, with its five styles. D, - Ribes rubrum, Linnaeus: p. 11.

1. A flower, separate.

2. One of the berries.

Plate 2

Viola odorata.

Viola odorata.

Acer Pseudo platanus.

Acer Pseudo-platanus.

Oxalis Acetosella.

Oxalis Acetosella.

Ribes rubrum.

Ribes rubrum.

Fitch. del et htn

Vincent Brooks, Imp.