15. Ericaceous Plants. Ericaceae

(39) Arbutus - calyx five-parted; corolla globose or ovate-campanulate, with a small contracted border; stamens ten, with flattened filaments; anthers furnished with two reflexed awns; berry globose, granular.

16. Primulaceous Plants. Primulaceae

(40) Cyclamen - calyx campanulate, five-cleft; corolla with the tube ovate, the limb five-parted and reflexed; stamens inserted in the base of the tube; fruit globose, coriaceous, or rather fleshy, many-seeded.

17. Gentianaceous Plants. Gentianaceae

(41) Gentiana - calyx 4-5-cleft; corolla funnel- or salver-shaped, with a 4-5-cleft limb.

18. Labiate Plants. Labiatae

(42) Mentha - calyx equal, five-toothed; corolla with a short tube, four-cleft, nearly regular; stamens four, equal, erect.

(43) Lamium - calyx bell-shaped, five-toothed; corolla-tube enlarged at the throat, the upper lip erect, arched or concave, the lower spreading with a broad middle lobe, and two minute lateral ones; stamens four, the two lower longest.

19. Chenopodiaceous Plants. Chenopodiaceae

(44) Chenopodium - perianth 3-5-parted, persistent, unaltered; stamens five, springing from the receptacle; stigmas 2-3.

20. Orchidaceous Plants. Orchidaceae

(45) Spiranthes - sepals coloured, and with the petals converging, parallel with the lip; lip shovel-shaped, unguiculate, with two fleshy projections at the base; column club-shaped, with two teeth at the apex.'

21. Liliaceous Plants. Liliaceae

(4G) Scilla - perianth-segments spreading deciduous; filaments filiform, smooth, inserted into the base of the perianth.

22. Melanthaceous Plants. Melanthaceae.

(47) Colchicum - perianth with a long tube, and a campanulate six-parted limb; stamens inserted in the orifice of the tube; capsules three, inflated, erect, united at the base, many-seeded.

23. Eriocaulaceous Plants. Eriocaulaceae

(48; Eriocaulon - barren flowers central, the perianth 4-6-cleft, its inner segments united nearly to the summit; stamens 4-6: fertile flowers in the circumference, the perigone deeply four-parted; stigmas 2-3.

24. Graminaceous Plants. Graminaceae

(49) Leersia - panicle loose; spikelets one-flowered, consisting of only two keeled glumes.

(50) Cynodon - panicle digitate; spikelets one-sided,one-flowered, attached to a flat rachis; glumes two, keeled, nearly equal; pales two, keeled, the upper enwrapped by the lower.

(51) Poa - panicle loose; spikelets two- or many-flowered, ovate; glumes two, rather unequal, usually keeled; pales two, nearly equal, awnless, scarious at the top.

(52) Molinia - panicle contracted, elongate; spikelets two- or many-flowered, lanceolate; glumes two, acute, unequal; pales two, nearly equal, awnless.

III. - Species And Varieties