The Linnaean And Natural Systems

"Where'er I cast my wandering eyes around, The God I seek in every object's found : Pursuing Thee, the verdant fields I pass, And read Thy name on every blade of grass; Beauty complete, and majesty divine, In all Thy works, adored Creator, shine !"

THE seasons pass away, and we see the wild flowers no longer. We have watched their growth, their beauty, and their decay. We have pointed out the lessons they teach and the story they have to tell. If the lesson is to have a permanent value, it should be taken to heart, and each flower preserved and studied at your leisure. What glorious memories of sunny days and rural excursions does the herbarium, as the collection of dried plants is called, bring to mind! The hills, the moorland, and the flower-spangled meadow come with renewed freshness on the mind. As we turn over the heather, the fern, and even the dandelion and the cowslip, what pleasant reminiscences start up to cheer the heart!

It is not a difficult matter to preserve the wild flowers, and to classify them for future reference and study, if they are gathered in dry weather, just as the flower is mature, and the plant is at the height of its vigour and beauty.