Clematis integrifolia. Entire-leaved Clematis, or Virgins-Bower.

Class and Order:

Polyandria Polygynia.

Generic Character:

Cal. 0. Petala 4. rarius 5. - vel 6. Sem. caudata.

Specific Character and Synonyms:

CLEMATIS integrifolia foliis simplicibus ovato-lanceolatis, floribus cernuis. Lin. Syst. Vegetab. p. 512.

CLEMATITIS coerulea erecta. Bauh. Pin. 300.

CLEMATIS coerulea Pannonica. The Hungarian Climer. Park. Parad. p. 393.

65 Clematis integrifolia Entire leaved Clematis or
No. 65

The Clematis integrifolia is not an uncommon plant in the nurseries about London, and is deserving a place in gardens, if not for the beauty of its flowers, at least for their singularity.

It is a native of Germany, flowers in July, and is one of those hardy perennials which suit most people, requiring little more than an introduction.

Is propagated by parting its roots in Autumn.