Cynoglossum Omphalodes. Blue Navelwort.

Class and Order:

Pentandria Monogynia.

Generic Character:

Corolla infundibuliformis, fauce clausa fornicibus. Semina depressa
interiore tantum latere stylo affixa.

Specific Character and Synonyms:

CYNOGLOSSUM Omphalodes repens, foliis radicalibus cordatis[B], Lin. Sp. Pl. p. 193. Syst. Vegetab. p. 157. Scopoli Fl. Carn. p. 124. t. 3.

SYMPHYTUM minus borraginis facie. Bauh. Pin. 259.

BORAGO minor verna repens, folio laevi. Moris. hist. 3. p. 437. s. 11, t. 26. fig. 3.

7 Cynoglossum Omphalodes Blue Navelwort

A native of Spain, Portugal, and Carniola, and an inhabitant of woods and shady situations, flowers in March and April: in the autumn it puts forth trailing shoots, which take root at the joints, whereby the plant is most plentifully propagated; thrives best under a wall in a North border.

[B] "Stolones repunt non caulis florifer, cui folia ovalia, et minime cordata. TOURNEFORTIUS separavit a Symphito, et dixit Omphallodem pumilam vernam, symphyti folio, sed bene monet LINNaeUS solam fructus asperitatem aut glabritiem, non sufficere ad novum genus construendum." Scopoli Fl. Carn. p. 124.