Family, Composite. Color, purplish crimson. Leaves, on furrowed petioles, thin, broadly ovate, whitish beneath, somewhat heart - shape at base, pointed at apex, the lower sometimes 18 inches long. Heads of flowers, clustered or single, bristly from the bracts of the involucre, which are long, stiff, with little hooks at their tips, making a bur. Summer.

Large, coarse, biennial herbs, of the nature of weeds, branching, 4 to 9 feet high. In waste places.

The writer recalls, in connection with this plant, an anxious day when her small children were missing. After a prolonged search they were found seated under a large burdock plant, some distance from home, on a road leading into the woods, making baskets and bird's nests by sticking together the burdock flowers.