Family, Pink. (Stella, a star, from the star-shaped flowers.) Sepals, petals, like most of this Family, 4 or 5. Stamens, twice as many. Styles, 3. Petals shorter than sepals, divided so as to look like 8 or to. Leaves, ovate or oblong, petioled, with hairy lines. Weak - stemmed and prostrate. Spring and summer. A weed.

It prefers shady, damp ground, but will grow almost anywhere in gardens. The little round pods, as well as leaves, make food for caged birds.

Mr. W. H. Gibson has found the chickweed blossoming under snow in midwinter. He says: "It must indeed be a cold day when "The chickweed's eye is closed.' You are always sure of it. Even in midwinter, if you know its haunt in some sunny nook, you may dig away the snow and pick its white, starry blossoms, larger and fuller now than those of summer."