Color, white. Flowers, in cymes like the last, those along the margin with broad, flat coro11a-lobes, neutral, the cymes 3 to 4 inches across. Fruit, round or oval, bright red drupes, edible, Out, like cranberries, whence the name. Height, 10 feet or less. Leaves, 3-lobed, strongly palmately veined, truncate at base, the lobes coarsely toothed near their apex, smooth or with a few hairs along the veins underneath, petioled, opposite. Two glands appear at the top of the petioles.

Found along streams and in woods from Maine to Pennsylvania and westward. Cultivated and all the flowers made into showy, neutral blossoms, this shrub becomes the garden snowball tree, or guelder rose. In this case the cyme becomes a ball.