Family, Spiderwort. Color, blue. Sepals and petals, 3 of each, unequal. Sepals inclined to be bluish. Stamens, 3 fertile, and 3 sterile, smaller than the fertile, with cross-shaped anthers. Style, 1. Capsule, 3-celled. Flower, large, 1 inch across, showy. It lasts only for a day. Stems, diffusely branching, thick, spreading, fleshy, smooth. Leaves, lance-shape, 3 to 5 inches long, shorter and bract-like near the top, sheathing the stem at base, the sheaths fringed along the edges. Those leaves nearest the flowers form peduncled spathes which inclose the flowers, like hoods. June to September.

Damp, rich woods and banks, moist soil, southern New York to Florida and westward.