Color, pale pink or white. Leaves, tapering, halberd-shaped, long, pointed, stalked. Petals, none. Calyx, 5-parted, green, with pink edges. Stamens, 8. Styles, 3. Flowers, few, in loose racemes. Summer and early fall.

Like a cat's fur, this plant must be stroked the right way - that is, downward. The stem is then as soft as satin. But run your finger upward, a thousand vicious little prickles stand up and scratch you. It is then a tear-thumb. By means of these prickles the plant climbs over every other herb and shrub which chances to be its neighbor.

Arrow-Leaved Tear-Thumb. P. Sagittktum

P. sagittktum has short - stalked, arrow - shaped leaves. The flowers - white, in little knots or buttons - are on the ends of the branches. The prickles on this species are rather more savage than in the other. Both are common in moist, low grounds.

Arrow leaved tear thumb (Polygonum sagittatum)

Arrow-leaved tear-thumb (Polygonum sagittatum)