Family, Pulse. Color, purplish. Corolla, papilionaceous. Flowers, numerous, in nodding racemes. Pod, 1 inch long. Leaves, of 3 thin, delicate, ovate, sharply pointed leaflets. Low plants with twining stems covered with brown hairs.

Besides the ordinary flowers, there are lower ones on threadlike stems near the base, or underground, without corolla. These produce a one-sided, swollen, very fruitful pod. Hogs are fond of them and uproot them, from which the common name has arisen.

"If we carefully uproot the soil the peanut is soon disclosed

- a small, 1-seeded, rounded pod, pallid, beset with fine brown hairs, and which not one person in a thousand of those who know this common plant has ever seen. These are the seeds that plant the soil for next year's vines, and are the fruits of queer little underground blossoms, bearing no more resemblance to those at the 'other end ' than is seen in the pods."- -W. H. Gibson.