Family, Mint. Color, pale purple. Corolla, 2-lipped, the upper lip bearded; lower in 3 divisions, spreading. Flowers, in close whorls in the axils of the upper leaves. Leaves, those below palmately cut, with long petioles, those near the flower 3-cleft into lance - shaped lobes, wedge - shape at base. Stem, erect, 2 to 5 feet high, branched, rather stout. June to September.

Common near dwellings and in waste places.

L. sibiricus. - Color, purplish. Leaves, long-petioled, 3-parted, the divisions again cut into lance-shaped lobes; lower leaves quite large, 6 inches across, entire or slightly toothed. Stem, stout, 2 to 6 feet high, with slender branches. May to September.

Found south of Pennsylvania and Delaware. Often a weed around dwellings and in waste places.