Family, Goosefoot. Flowers, of two sorts, the staminate with a 3 to 5-parted calyx; the pistillate with 2 large bractlets underneath, united at their bases. Spikes, slender, and sometimes the two kinds of flowers may be found together. Leaves, alternate or opposite, long and narrow, especially at the top, those lower down 3-cut or lobed; the upper sessile; the lower with petioles. Stem, mealy. Summer and autumn.

Homely, weed-like annuals, found in saline soil along our coast. Var. hastata has broadly arrow-shaped leaves, irregularly and coarsely toothed. Found also along the Great Lakes.

Sea Beach Atriplex

A. arenaria is 6 to 18 inches high, slender-stemmed, erect or somewhat prostrate; with short petioles or sessile, oblong or linear leaves, rounded or pointed at apex, the flowers in clusters in the axils. Whole plant pale green, silvery-scurfy.