A. peniciulatus - Color, white, but sometimes pale violet. The smooth stem of this species reaches a height of 7 or 8 feet, and is therefore one of our tallest. Leaves, long, narrow, sharply but distantly serrate, sessile, those below clasping the stem; those above with smooth margins, variable as to shape. Flowers not so crowded as in some species, rather large.

A bushy and coarse-stemmed plant. Common as far south as Virginia in low, rather wet grounds.

Umbelled Aster A. umbellatus. - Color, white, sometimes with a suggestion of pink. Rays rather few. Flowers, grouped in compound, flat corymbs, small. Leaves, tapering at both ends, smooth margined or slightly serrate. Lower leaves 6 inches long. Stem, tall, leafy to the top, 7 feet or less.

In moist soil along roadsides. Varieties of this aster are found westward and southward from New Jersey and Pennsylvania.