Family, Storax. Color, white. Leaves large, 2 to 6 inches long, smooth, dark green above, pale, softly downy underneath, inversely ovate or oval, dentate, with a woolly petiole. Corolla, generally 5-parted, downy. Calyx, 5-toothed. Stamens, twice as many as the lobes of the corolla. Fruit, round, with calyx adhering. Flowers, in long, loose racemes, showy.

Shrub 5 to 12 feet high, found in woods from Virginia to Florida. Whole plant softly tomentose,

S. pwverulenta is a smaller shrub with narrower leaves than the last. Leaves, mostly entire-margined, quite rough and scurfy underneath. Flowers, large, wheel - shape, fragrant, white, in pairs or threes borne in the axils of the leaves near the tips of the branches.

Two to 4 feet high. Pine barrens, Virginia to Florida and Texas.

S. americkna is the tallest of the genus, 4 to 10 feet, with smaller blossoms and smoother foliage than the last. Leaves, bright green above and below. Flowers, generally single, drooping, in the leaf-axils.

A Southern species, Virginia to Florida and along the Mississippi Valley, northward to Illinois.