September is the month in which to study fruits. Many flowers of spring and summer now display conspicuous red, blue, or black berries, in bunches or singly, which mingle harmoniously with the autumn flowers. A few plants flower first in September.

Cat-tail Flag (Typha latijolia), (T. angustijolia). Page 375.

(Spirantltes cernua). Page 54. September, October.

Closed Gentian (Gentiana Andrewsii). Page 326. September,

Fringed Gentian (G. crinita). Page 324. September.

(Kuhnia enpatoroides). Page 132. September.

Golden-rod (Solidago stricta). Page 218. September-November.

(5. speciosa). Page 216. September, October.

(S. Elliottii). Page 220. September, October.

(Bidens connata). Page 232. September, October.

Lion's-foot (Prenanthes scrpentaria). Page 146. September, October.