(named from the great botanist Linnaeus)

Family, Honeysuckle. Color, rose, or corolla whitish, with rose purple stripes, hairy inside. Leaves, opposite, roundish, sparingly crenate, on short petioles, evergreen, shiny above. Calyx, 5-toothed. Corolla, bell-shaped, 5-lobed. Stamens, 4, two longer than the other two. Fruit, a dry, 3-celled pod, with only 1 perfect seed. Flowers, hairy within, delicately fragrant, in pairs, each hanging from its own tiny stalk, the 2 pedicels united below into a slender peduncle, which grows upright from the trailing and creeping stems. June.

As dainty a floral beauty, loving a mossy nest, as the cool woods afford. Doctor Gray says that this plant was an especial favorite with "the immortal Linnaeus," and that "there is extant at least one contemporary portrait of Linnaeus in which he wears the tiny flowers in his buttonhole."