Hydrophyllum canadense-----Family, Waterleaf. Color, nearly white. Calyx, 5-cleft, minute teeth between the lobes. Corolla, tubular, 5-lobed. Flowers, short-pedicelled, in flat-topped clusters whose peduncles are shorter than the petioles. Plants smooth-stemmed, from rootstocks which are thick and indented by the stout leaf-stalks; 1 foot high. Leaves, large, about 4 inches broad, palmately lobed and veined, petioled, heart-shaped at base, irregularly toothed, the root-leaves sometimes with 2 or 3 small side-leaflets. Summer.

New England, westward, and to the mountains of Virginia.

H. virginiamim is taller, 2 feet high or less, with peduncles longer than the petioles. Leaves pinnately cut into 5 to 7 divisions, sharply toothed, oblong to lance-shaped. Flowers, white, or with a bluish tinge, appearing through the summer.

H. macrophyllum has white flowers clustered in a head upon a rough, hairy stem. Leaves, oblong, cut into many irregular divisions, all coarsely toothed, the lower ones 8 to 14 inches long. Virginia, southward and westward.