Family, Composite. Color, white or cream. Pappus and involucral scales brown or purplish. Flowers, 5 to 18 in a head, hanging on short pedicels, corymbosely panicled at the ends of branches. Leaves, triangular in general outline, with ear-like lobes at their bases, 3 to 5-cleft, toothed, the upper entire, oblong. Late summer into September.

Rich woods and thickets, and all shady grounds from Maine to Georgia and westward. A smooth, coarse plant with milky juice, variable leaves which are large below and small above, 3 or 4 feet high. The heads of bell-like flowers hang close to the purplish stem in terminal panicles. (See illustration, p. 145.)

White Lettuce. Rattlesnake Root. (Prenanthes alba)

White Lettuce. Rattlesnake-Root. (Prenanthes alba)