Characters of the family, as given above. [Greek, five, from the symmetrical flower.] Three known species, natives of eastern North America, Japan and China, the following typical.

The following is the only one known in North America. The genus is referred to the Saxifrage Family by some authors and to the Orpine Family by others.

1 Penthorum L Sp Pl 432 1753 486

1. Penthorum Sedoides L. Ditch Or Virginia Stonecrop

Fig. 2144

Penthorum sedoides L. Sp. Pl. 432. 1753.

Glabrous, erect, stem usually branched and angled above, terete below, 6'-2° high. Leaves lanceolate or narrowly elliptic, acuminate at each end, finely serrate, 2-4' long, 6"-12" wide; cymes 2-3-forked, the branches 1'-3' long; flowers short-pedicelled, about 2" broad; sepals triangular-ovate, acute, shorter than the flattish capsule; petals linear or linear-spatulate, often or generally wanting.

In ditches and swamps, New Brunswick to Florida, west to Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas and Texas. July-Sept.