14. Arabis Collinsii Fernald. Collin's Rock-Cress

Fig. 2082

A. Collinsii Fernald, Rhodora 7: 31. 1905.

Perennial, similar to Arabis Holboellii, but the basal and lower leaves are finely and densely stellate-pubescent. Stems slender, 1° high or less, erect, glabrous and glaucescent above, densely pubescent near the base; basal leaves oblanceolate to obovate, petioled, tufted, 1/2'-1' long; stem-leaves lanceolate, acute at apex, sagittate at base; flowers 2"-2i" long; fruiting pedicels 2 1/2"-4" long, strongly reflexed; pods linear, 1'-1 3/4' long, about i" wide, acute or acutish; seeds narrowly winged above, in 2 rows in each cell.

On dry limestone rocks, Rimouski County, Quebec. June-July.