Tall perennial herbs, or shrubs. Calyx tubular or tubular-campanulate, 5-10-nerved, the limb mostly equally 5-toothed. Corolla-tube usually with a woolly ring within, shorter than or exceeding the calyx, the limb strongly 2-lipped; upper lip erect, concave, arched or sometimes keeled, entire or emarginate; lower lip spreading, 3-cleft. Stamens 4, didynamous, ascending under the upper lip of the corolla, the anterior pair the longer and their filaments with hooked appendages at the base; anther-sacs divergent. Ovary deeply 4-lobed; style subulate, 2-cleft at the summit, one of the lobes smaller than the other. Nutlets ovoid, glabrous, or pubescent above. [Greek, mullen, in allusion to the thick woolly leaves of some species.]

About 50 species, natives of the Old World. Type species: Phlomis fruticosa L.

1. Phlomis Tuberdsa L. Jerusalem Sage. Sage-Leaf Mullen

Fig. 3604

Phlomis tuberosa L. Sp. Pl. 586. 1753.

Herbaceous from a thickened root; stem stout, purplish, glabrous or loosely pubescent above, usually much branched, 3°-6° tall, the branches nearly erect. Lower leaves triangular-ovate, long-petioled, acuminate or acute at the apex, coarsely dentate or incised-dentate, rather thick, deeply cordate at the base, strongly veined, 5'-10' long, 3-6' wide; upper leaves lanceolate, short-petioled or sessile, truncate or sometimes narrowed at the base, the uppermost (floral) very small; clusters densely many-flowered; bractlets subulate, ciliate-hirsute or nearly glabrous; calyx 5"-6" long, its teeth setaceous with a broader base, spreading; corolla 10"-12" long, pale purple or white, twice as long as the calyx, densely pubescent, and the margins of its upper lip fringed with long hairs.

In waste places, south shore of Lake Ontario. Naturalized from southern Europe. June-Sept

1 Phlomis Tuberdsa L Jerusalem Sage Sage Leaf Mull 275