Water-plantain Family


Water-plantain. Arrow-head.

Arum Family (Araceae)

Jack-in-the-pulpit. Green dragon. Arrow-arum. Water-arum. Skunk cabbage. Golden-club. Calamus-root.

Spiderwort Family


Day-flowers. Spiderwort. Wandering Jew.

Pickerel-weed Family (Pontederiaceae)


Bunch-flower Family (Melanthaceae)

White hellebore. Bellworts.

Lily Family (Liliaceae)

Lilies. Adder's tongue. Hyacinths. Star-of-Bethlehem. Colic-root.

Lily-of-the-valley Family (Convallariaceae)

Clintonia. Wild spikenard. Solomon's seals. False lily-of-the-valley. Twisted-stalks. Indian cucumber-root. Wake-robins. Carrion-flower. Cat-brier.

Amaryllis Family (Amaryllidaceae)

Yellow star-grass.

Iris Family (Iridaceae)

Irises. Blackberry lily. Blue-eyed grass.

Orchid Family (Orchidaceae)

Ladies' slippers. Orchises. Rose po-gonia. Arethusa. Ladies' tresses. Rattlesnake plantains. Twayblades. Calypso. Coral-roots. Calopogon. Adam and Eve.

Lizard's-tail Family (Saururaceae)


Birthwort Family (A Ristolochiaccae)

Wild ginger. Dutchman's pipe. Ser-pentary.

Buckwheat Family (Polygonaceae)

Persicarias. Smartweed. Water pepper. Lady's thumb. Pink knotweed. Climbing false buckwheat. Tear-thumb. Coast jointweed.

Pokeweed Family (Phytolaccaceae)


Purslane Family (Portulacaceae)

Spring beauty. Pussley. Portulaca.

Pink Family (Caryophyllaceae)

Corn cockle. Campions. Catchflies. Pinks. Bouncing Bet. Chickweed.

Water-lily Family (Nymphaeaceae)

Water-shield. Pond-lilies. Lotus.

Magnolia Family (Magnoliaceae)

Laurel magnolia.

Crowfoot Family (Ranunculaceae)

Marsh-marigold. Gold-thread. Bane-berries. Black Cohosh. Columbines. Larkspurs. Anemones. Hepatica. Virgin's bower. Clematis. Water-crowfoots. Spearworts. Buttercups. Meadow-rues.

Barberry Family (Berberidaceae)

Barberries. Twin-leaf. Wild mandrake.

Laurel Family (Lauraceae)


Poppy Family (Papaveraceae)

Bloodroot. Celandine poppies. California poppy. Dutchman's breeches. Squirrel corn. Bleeding-heart. Climbing fumitory. Pink and Golden cory-dalis.

Mustard Family (Cruciferae)

Mustards. Charlock. Cresses. Rocket. Radish. Ladies' smock. Toothworts. Shepherd's purse. Vernal whitlow grass.

Pitcher-plant Family (Sarraceniaceae)

Pitcher-plant. Sundew.

Orpine Family (Crassu/aceae)


Saxifrage Family (Saxifragaceae)

Early saxifrage. Foam-flower. Mi-trewort. Grass-of-Parnassus. Hydrangea.

Witch-hazel Family (Hamamelidaceae)


Rose Family (Rosaceae)

Ninebark. Meadow-sweet. Steeple-bush. Goat's beard. Indian physic. Ipecac. Raspberries. Blackberries. Dalibarda. Strawberries. Cinquefoils. Avens. Queen-of-the-prairie. Agri -mony. Roses.

Apple Family (Powaceae)

Chokeberries. June-berry. Shad-bush. Hawthorns.

Senna Family (Caesalpinaceae)

Sensitive pea. Partridge pea. Wild senna.

Pea Family (Papilionaceae)

Wild indigo. Rattle-box. Wild lupine. Clovers. Sweet clovers. Goat's rue. Tick-trefoils. Bush-clovers. Blue vetches. Pea vine. Seaside pea. Butterfly-pea. Hog peanut. Milk-pea. Wild bean.

Geranium Family (Geraniaceae)

Wild geranium. Herb Robert. Cranesbill.

Wood-sorrel Family (Oxalidaceae)


Flax Family (Linaceae)

Flax. Slender yellow and Ridged flax.

Milkwort Family (Polygalaceae)

Milkworts. Fringed polygala.

Spurge Family (Euphorbiaceae)

Flowering spurge.

Sumac Family (Anacardiaceae)

Sumacs. Poison ivy. Smoke bush.

Holly Family (Ilicaceae)

Hollies. Winter-berry (black alder).

Staff-tree Family (Celastraceae)

Climbing bitter-sweet.

Jewel-weed Family (Balsaminaceae)

Jewel-weed. Pale touch-me-not.

Buckthorn Family (Rhamnaceae)

New Jersey tea.

Grape Family (Vitaceae)

Wild grapes. Virginia creeper. Am-pelopsis.

Mallow Family (Malvaceae)

Mallows. Velvet leaf. Althaea.

St. John's-wort Family (Hypericaceae)

St. Peter's-wort. St. Andrew's cross. St. John's-worts.

Rock-rose Family (Cistaceae)

Frost-flowers. Poverty grass.

Violet Family (Violaceae)

Violets. Pansies.

Cactus Family (Cactaceae)

Prickly pears.

Loosestrife Family (Lythraceae)

Purple loosestrife. Blue wax-weed.

Meadow-beauty Family (Melastomaccae)

Meadow-beauty. Deer-grass.

Evening-primrose Family (Onagraceae)

Fire-weed. Willow-herbs. Evening-primrose. Sundrops. Enchanter's nightshade.

Ginseng Family (Araliaceae)

American spikenard. Wild sarsapa-rilla. Ginsengs.

Carrot Family (Utnbelliferae)

Wild carrot. Cowbane. Parsnips. Parsley. Sanicle. Fennel. Pimpernel. Water-hemlock. Sweet-Cicely. Poison hemlock. Water-parsnip.

Dogwood Family (Cornaceae)

Cornels or Dogwoods.

White-alder Family (Clethraceae)

Sweet pepperbush.

Wintergreen Family (Pyrolaceae)

Wintergreens. Shin-leaf. Prince's pine.

Indian-pipe Family


Indian-pipe. Pine sap.

Heath Family (Ericaceae)

Labrador tea. Azaleas. Laurels. Rhodora. Rhododendrons. Leucothoe. Wild rosemary. Fetter-bush. Stagger-bush. Andromeda. Cassandra. Sour-wood. Trailing arbutus. Creeping wintergreen. Bearberries.

Huckleberry Family ( Vacciniaceae)

Huckleberries. Blueberries. Squaw huckleberry. Creeping snowberry. Cranberry.

Diapensia Family (Diapensiaceae)


Primrose Family (Primulaceae)

Loosestrifes. Moneywort. Star-flower. Scarlet pimpernel. Shooting star.

Plumbago Family (Plumbaginaceae)

Marsh rosemary.

Gentian Family (Gentianaceae)

Sabbatia. Sea-pink. Marsh pink. Gentians.

Dogbane Family (Apocynaceac)

Dogbane. Indian hemp.

Milkweed Family (A Sclepiadaceae)

Milkweeds. Butterfly weed.

Morning-glory Family (Cunvolvulaceae)

Wild potato vine. Bindweeds.

Dodder Family (Cascutaceae)

Gronovius' dodder.

Phlox Family (Polemoniaceae)

Phloxes. Moss pink.

Water-leaf Family (Hydrophyllaceae)

Virginia water-leaf.

Borage Family (Boraginaceae)

Hound's tongue. Comfrey. Stick-seeds. Virginia cowslip. Lungwort. Forget-me-nots. Viper's bugloss. Vervains. Verbena.

Mint Family (Labialae)

Blue curls. Skullcaps. Catnip. Gill-over-the-ground. Self-heal. Obedient plant. Motherwort. Oswego tea. Wild bergamot. Pennyroyal. Sweet basil. Hyssop. Mints. Wild thyme. Dittany. Peppermint. Citronella.

Potato Family (Solanaceae)

Ground cherry. Nightshades. Thorn apples. (Jamestown weed.)

Figwort Family (Scrophulariaceae)

Mulleins. Butter-and-eggs. Blue toadflax. Figwort. Turtle-head. Beard tongues. Blue-eyed Mary. Monkey-flower. Speedwells. Brooklime. Cul-ver's-root. False foxgloves. Gerardias. Scarlet painted cup. Wood betony.

Bladderwort Family (Lentibulariaceae)


Broom-rape Family (Orobanchaceae)

Broom-rape. Beech-drops.

Trumpet-creeper Family (Bignoniaceae)


Acanthus Family (Acanthaceae)

Hairy ruellia.

Madder Family (Rubiaceae)

Bluets. Button-bush. Partridge-vine. Cleavers. Bedstraw.

Honeysuckle Family (Caprifoliaceae)

Elder bushes. Hobble-bush. Bush cranberry. Arrow-woods. Withe-rod. Sweet viburnum. Black haw. Twin-flower. Snowberry. Honeysuckles. Fly-honeysuckles. Bush-honeysuckles.

Teasel Family (Dipsacaceae)

Card teasel.

Gourd Family (Cucurbitaceae)


Bell-flower Family (Campanulaceae)

Harebell. Bellflowers. Venus' looking-glass. Cardinal flower. Lobelias. Indian tobacco.

Chicory Family (Cichoriaceae)

Chicory. Cynthia. Dwarf goat's beard. Fall dandelion. Dandelions.

Sow-thistles. Wild lettuces. Hawk-weeds. Rattlesnake-weed. White lettuce.

Thistle Family (Compositae)

Iron-weed. Joe-Pye weed. Boneset or Thoroughwort. White sanicle. Climbing hempweed. Blazing-star. Button snake-root. Golden aster. Golden-rods. Asters. Robin's plantain. Flea-banes. Sweet scabious. Groundsel-bush. Everlastings. Elecampane. Cup-plant. Compass-plant. Ox-eyes. Cone-flowers. Black-eyed Susan. Sunflowers. Jerusalem artichoke. Tlckseeds. Bur-marigolds. Beggar-ticks. Sneezeweed. Yarrow. Camomiles. Daisy. Tansy. Ragwort. Burdock. Thistles.