Flower-heads - Composite, yellow, 1 in. wide or less, a few cor-ymbed flowers on glandular stalks; each composed of perfect tubular disk florets surrounded by pistillate ray florets; the involucre campanulate, its narrow bracts overlapping in several series. Stem: Stout, silky-hairy when young, nearly smooth later, 1 to 2 1/2 ft. tall. Leaves: Alternate, oblong to spatulate, entire.

Golden Aster (Chrysopsis Mariana)

Golden Aster (Chrysopsis Mariana)

Preferred Habitat - Dry soil, or sandy, not far inland.

Flowering Season - August - September.

Distribution - Long Island and Pennsylvania to the Gulf States. ,

Whoever comes upon clumps of these handsome flowers by the dusty roadside cannot but be impressed with the appropriateness of their generic name (Chrysos - gold; opsis = aspect). Farther westward, north and south, it is the Hairy Golden Aster (C vil/osa), a pale, hoary-haired plant with similar flowers borne at midsummer, that is the common species.