Stems: erect, slender, simple or branched. Leaves: thin, oblong, obtuse, punctate, hairy on the margin and midrib. Flowers: petals oblong, obtuse, twice longer than the sepals. Fruit: a capsule.

The Sandworts are rather insignificant plants with more or less rigid leaves and small white flowers growing in compound clusters or flat heads. The Blunt-leaved Sandwort is rather hairy and has oblong dotted leaves which terminate in a rounded apex, and a spherical capsule containing large smooth seeds.

Arenaria capillaris var. nardifolia, or Narrow-leaved Sandwort, has sharp-pointed leaves grouped in dense clusters at the base of the plant, the few stem leaves being much reduced.

Arenaria verna var. propinqua, or Vernal Sandwort, has densely-tufted flowering stems bearing pairs of tiny leaves all the way up them.

Arenaria sajanensis, or One-flowered Sandwort, has slender one-flowered stems and narrow leaves.