A tree with massive stem.. Leaves: tufted at the ends of naked branches, rigid, in two or three-leaved clusters. Flowers: staminate yellow, pistillate clustered, dark red. Fruit: oval, nearly sessile, three to six inches long, often clustered, green or purple, becoming reddish-brown, the scales armed with slender prickles.

The Bull Pine grows from one hundred and fifty feet to two hundred feet high, and has short thick many-forked branches which are frequently pendulous and turned upward at the ends. The bark is cinnamon-red, brown or nearly black, broken into rounded ridges and covered with ap-pressed scales. On the older trees it is deeply and irregularly divided into plates, and separated into thick reddish scales. The leaves are dark yellow-green, and marked by rows of stomata on the three faces. They are from five to eight inches long.