Habenaria obtusata, or Northern Rein Orchis, is a delicate green and white Orchis that may always be known by its single basal leaf. It is very like a white and green Lily-of-the-Valley, and its flowers grow widely separated on the slender stalks.

Plate XVII

Northern Rein Orchis (Habenaria obtusata)

Northern Rein Orchis (Habenaria obtusata)

Habenaria hyperborea, or Leafy Rein Orchis, somewhat resembles H. obtusata, but may easily be distinguished by the fact that it has several leaves growing up on and clasping its stem, which is also decidedly stouter than the stem of the preceding species. The Leafy Rein Orchis grows in the open woods, preferring a moist spot. It has many flowers on each stalk, and they grow closely set together.

Habenaria gracilis, or Graceful Rein Orchis, has a tall slender stem and long narrow leaves which are gradually reduced as they grow upwards and eventually pass into the bracts of the narrow sparsely-flowered spike. The flowers are small, greenish-yellow, and have a short spur.

Habenaria orbiculata, or Round-leaved Rein Orchis, may readily be recognized by its two very large glistening orbicular leaves that spread out flat upon the ground, and which are green and shining above and quite silvery beneath. The large greenish-white flowers of this handsome plant grow in a loose raceme on the slender scape-like stems, and have a short rounded upper sepal and spreading lateral ones, the entire obtuse white lip being longer than the petals.