Stems: slender, scape-like, ascending or spreading. Leaves: round-reniform, three-to-seven lobed on slender petioles. Flowers: in a loose terminal raceme; corolla funnel-form, the broad lobes rounded.

One of the most exquisite fragrant alpine plants, that grows " Where the sunlight fills the hours, Dissolves the crust, displays the flowers."

At high altitudes, when the warmth of July has melted the snow and set the flowers free, you will find the creamy blossoms of these Mist Maidens in many a nook amongst the forbidding rocks, their corollas shimmering like pearls in the green setting of their round scalloped leaves. The texture of these flowers is simply marvellous, for they have a bloom upon them so beautiful that it resembles nothing less than richest white velvet, while in their centres a few pale yellow stamens give to each blossom a heart of gold.

Mist Maidens are seldom found below an altitude of 6000 feet, and where the cliffs rise bleak and barren, where the ways are ice bound and the rocks are bare, there it is a joy to find this lovely plant snugly ensconced in some tiny cleft that is watered by the melting snows. Only those who have toiled and climbed in search of it can know the full delight of its discovery.

Mist Maidens (Romanzoffia sitchensis)

Mist Maidens (Romanzoffia sitchensis)

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