Stems: erect, tufted. Leaves: oblong, linear. Flowers: in dense racemes; calyx five-parted, hirsute; corolla salver-form, the throat with small blunt crests at the base of the rounded lobes.

This is the real true Forget-me-not. It grows from about four to six inches high and is found only at high altitudes. Its tiny turquoise flowers are very fragrant. Unlike the prickly burs of the "False" species, the nutlets of the true Forget-me-not are quite smooth.

There are innumerable stories told concerning these blue-eyed flowers, which are the emblems of undying love and are identified with our most romantic sentiments. One of the most charming legends about them runs thus: "When to the flowers so beautiful The Father gave a name, There came a little blue-eyed one (All timidly it came), And, standing at the Father's feet, And gazing in His face, It said, in low and trembling tones, Yet with a gentle grace: 'Dear Lord, the name Thou gavest me, Alas ! I have forgot'; Kindly the Father looked Him down And said, 'Forget Me not' "