Stems: slender, spreading from running rootstocks. Leaves: simple, cordate, acute, obscurely five-to-seven lobed on long fine petioles. Flowers: numerous, in a narrow panicle; calyx cleft to near the base; petals five, filiform; stamens ten.

Plate XXV

Nancy over the ground (Tiarella unifoliata)

Nancy-over-the-ground (Tiarella unifoliata)

The tiny feathery flowers of this plant are found in great quantities in the mountains. Their large heart-shaped leaves appear to carpet the ground about three inches above the soil in the localities where they abound, and their white masses of delicate bloom have earned for them the name of "Foam-Flower." The Latin name Tiarella means "a little tiara," and refers to the shape of the capsule, while unifoliata refers to the one leaf on the flower-stalk.