Stems: from a deep-seated elongated fusiform root. Leaves: biter-nate or triternate, the leaflets narrow, linear. Flowers: in an unequal umbel of five to eighteen rays with slender bracts.

The yellow flowers of this tall Parsley have no involucre. The stems are purplish at the base and the leaves are deeply cut into narrow leaflets. The fruit is narrowly oblong with narrow wings, and the oil tubes are very large and solitary in the intervals between the dorsal and intermediate ribs.

Lomatium Martindalei var. angustatum, or Martindale's Parsley, is caulescent and branching with elongated peduncles. The leaves are pinnate or bipinnate with toothed segments. The flowers are yellow, and the fruit has broad wings and prominent dorsal and intermediate ribs; the oil tubes are solitary in the intervals, and the seed-face is concave with a central longitudinal ridge.