IV. Lycopodiaceae. Club Moss Family

Low-growing moss-like plants with branching, trailing or erect stems; leaves small, lanceolate, persistent, entire; sporangia solitary in the axils of the leaves, or on their upper surface. Isopor-ous.

I. Lycopodium. L.

1. L. annotinum. L. Stiff Club Moss.

2. L. clavatum. L. Creeping Club Moss.

3. L. Selago. L. Fir Club Moss.

4. L. alpinum. L. Alpine Club Moss.

5. L. sitchense. Rupr. Arctic Club Moss.

6. L. complanatum. L. Trailing Christmas Green.

V. Selaginellaceae. Selaginella Family

Small, leafy terrestial plants with branching stems; leaves scalelike, many-ranked, uniform; sporangia one-celled, solitary, axillary or borne at the base of the upper surface of the leaf. Heteros-porous.

I. Selaginella. Beauv.

1. S. selaginoides. (L.) Link. Small Selaginella.

2. S. rupestris. (L.) Spring. Rock Selaginella.