LXVIII. Campanulaceae. Bluebell Family

Herbs usually with milky juice; leaves alternate, simple, without stipules; flowers scattered, perfect, the regular five-lobed corolla bell-shaped, valvate or induplicate in the bud; fruit a small many-seeded capsule or berry.

I. Campanula. (Tourn.) L.

1. C. rotundifolia. L. Harebell. 2. C. lasiocarpa. Arctic Harebell.

LXIX. Lobeliaceae. Lobelia Family

Herbs usually with acrid milky juice; leaves alternate, without stipules; flowers perfect, scattered in loose bracted racemes, corolla irregular, gamopetalous, five-lobed, somewhat two-lipped; fruit a many-seeded pod.

I. Lobelia. (Plumier.) L.

1. L. Kalmii. L. Brook Lobelia.

LXX. Compositae. Composite Family

The largest family of phsenogamous plants; herbs, shrubs or small trees; leaves various, alternate, opposite or basal; flowers in a dense closely involucrate head on a common receptacle, the head often resembling a single flower, surrounded by an involucre of few to many bracts in one or more series, the pappus crown-like or wanting, heads with ray-flowers are radiate, when without ray-flowers are discoid; fruit an achene containing a single erect anatropous seed.