Stems: extensively training, horizontally subterranean. Leaves: spatulate, sharply serrate. Flowers: several, umbellate or subcorym-bose. Fruit: an erect globose capsule.

The trailing stems of the Pipsissewa, or Prince's Pine, run horizontally under the earth and have tiny roots. The bright shining evergreen leaves are spatulate and very sharply toothed, while the pinkish flowers, which grow in a spreading cluster, are small and marked with a deep pink ring. The filaments are fringed with marginal hairs.

Chimaphila Menziesii, or Spotted Prince's Pine, is not quite so tall as the preceding species. It has small oblong leaves, pointed at both ends, and sharply toothed, the upper surface being usually spotted or mottled with white. The peduncle bears one to three flowers, which latter are a dull pinkish creamy-white.