Stems: erect, simple. Leaves: spatulate, petioled, entire or sparingly toothed; stem-leaves erect, clasping. Flowers: white or pinkish. Fruit: pods linear, drooping.

Growing out of a cluster of long-shaped leaves, the Stony Rock Cress has a tall stalk, up which many tiny narrow leaves cling. The flowers are small white, mauve, or pinkish bells, growing in a raceme. This plant, as its name indicates, is generally found in very dry stony places. It grows from eight to eighteen inches high, and has very long narrow seed-pods, which droop downwards.

Arabis hirsuta, or Hairy Rock Cress, is easily distinguished from the other Rock Cresses by its hairy stalks and leaves.

Arabis Drummondii, or Drummond's Rock Cress, is a handsome leafy species, with erect flat seed-pods.

Arabis glabra, or Smooth Rock Cress, has long toothed basal leaves, and even-margined stem leaves which are arrow-shaped at the base. The flowers are deep cream-colour.