VIII. Typhaceae. Cat-Tail Family

Aquatic or marsh herbs with creeping rootstocks; leaves nerved, linear, sessile; flowers monoecious, numerous on a spadix destitute of proper floral envelope; fruit nut-like, usually splitting on one side.

I. Typha. (Tourn.) L.

I. T. latifolia. L. Broad-leaved Cat-tail.

IX. Sparganiaceae. Bur-Reed Family

Marsh or aquatic herbs with erect or floating stems; leaves alternate, linear, sessile, two-ranked; flowers monoecious with in-globular, sessile or pedunculate heads; fruit nut-like, obovoid or spindle-shaped.

I. Sparganium. (Tourn.) L.

1. S. simplex. Huds. Simple-stemmed Bur-reed.