Stems: tufted, much branched, diffuse. Leaves: mostly opposite, linear-oblong, crowded, entire, the margins strongly revolute. Flowers: one to five from terminal coriaceous buds. Fruit: a capsule, sub-globose.

The Trailing Alpine Azalea is a very attractive though rather rare plant among the mountains. It has lovely little pink bells with purplish sepals growing on erect stalks at the ends of the branches, and crowded dark green leaves which are a paler colour beneath, and have rolled back margins and a very prominent midrib on the under side. There are many botanical romances and interesting geographical suppositions connected with the history of the Heath Family, the presence of some of whose members in Ireland, Cornwall, the Spanish Peninsula and the Azores point to a confirmation of the belief of ancient chroniclers in the existence of Atlantis and Lyonesse, those great submerged continents which were perhaps the original home of the Heaths.