Rootstock short, stout, horizontal, covered with thick fibrous roots. Stems: glabrous, branching below the middle. Leaves: acuminate at the apex, cordate-clasping at the base, glaucous beneath. Flowers: one to two, greenish-white. Fruit: red oval berry, many-seeded.

This Twisted-stalk is a large plant with many clasping, pointed leaves growing all the way up on both sides of its long branching stems, with one solitary leaf at the apex. These leaves are handsome, green and glossy on the top, with strongly marked veins, and are covered with a whitish bloom on the underside. Looking at the plant from above it appears to bear no flowers at all, but turn over its stems and you will find beneath each leaf one or two tiny greenish-white bells, hanging on sharply bent thread-like stalks that spring from the axils of the leaves; these flowers in time turn into bright red oval berries.

Plate XIV

White Twisted Stalk

White Twisted-Stalk

(Sireptopus amplexifolius)

The name Twisted-stalk is derived from its abruptly bent flower stems.