Stems: from a tufted caudex, cinereous-pubescent, the involucre lanu-ginose-tomentose. Leaves: radical ones obovate or spatulate, contracted into a slender petiole; cauline ones few, sparse, small. Flowers: in heads of radiate and disk-flowers; rays eight to twelve, ligulate, pistillate, oblong; disk corollas perfect, dilated towards the summit, deeply five-toothed. Fruit: achenes oblong-turbinate, densely silky villous.

This is a dwarf herbaceous plant, with a tuft of tiny green leaves at the base and one or two minute ones clinging to its stems. It grows only from three to six inches high, and is found on lofty summits at 8000 and 9000 feet. The flowers resemble bright yellow daisies, and are rather ragged looking. At times, as the traveller stands upon some mountain top, where the earth seems very close to the sky of perfect blue, the gamboge blossoms of the Yellow Fleabane, covering the ground with a torrent of bloom, seem to surge across the alpine plateaux in a succession of golden waves.