Stems: leafy. Leaves: alternate, linear, thick, fleshy, mucronate-tipped, narrowed at the base, sessile, the margins sparingly ciliate. Flowers: several, corymbose; petals five, oblong, yellow, usually spotted with orange; calyx five-lobed, base of the capsule adnate to the calyx; stamens ten, inserted with the petals. Fruit: ovary two-celled, two-lobed at the summit; styles short; stigmas capitate.

This Yellow Saxifrage grows among the wet rocks at high altitudes. It has* slender stems, adorned with alternate leaves, which are long and narrow and edged with a few fine hairs. The flowers grow erect and open out very wide, their petals being usually spotted with orange. The ten stamens are conspicuous, and so is the large two-celled ovary, while the styles are short and tipped with roundish stigmas. This plant grows in dense tufted clusters from two to six inches high, and may be found in the most sun-forsaken crannies, where the icy breezes blow across the snow-fields.