Alsine Villarsii Mert. And Koch

Stem 5-10 inches, 3-7 flowered, slender. Leaves 3-nerved, with intermediate finer nerves, linear, flat. Flowers on very long pedicels. Petals long and narrow, obtuse. Sepals lanceolate-acute, with 3 nerves. Capsule ovoid, about equalling the calyx. Seeds tuberculous.

Rocky places in the Alps, especially on limestone, up to 6000 feet at least; rather rare. July, August.


Western Alps as far south as the Var, Central and Eastern Alps to Carinthia; Spain, Caucasus, Ural Mountains, Siberia. A. W. Bennett recorded this from "Southern Switzerland," and Koch 1 gave a frontier station, actually in Italy. I am unaware of a recent record for it in Switzerland. Bouvier mentions the Dent du Midi.2

Alsine Verna Bartl

Usually pubescent, glandular. Rootstock not woody. Stem forming dense tufts from 2-6 inches high, slender. Leaves green, linear-subulate, stiff; upper leaves shorter and broader. Flowers in loose forked cymes, pedicels usually rather downy. Sepals with 3 prominent nerves, pointed. Petals obovate, spreading beyond the points of the sepals. Capsule 3-valved.

Stony mountain pastures up to 9000 feet (Goleon 9300 feet); common. May to August.


Mountains of Europe, Western Asia, N. Africa, N. America. British.

1 Koch, Synopsis Fl. Germ, et Helvet., vol. ii. p. 123 (2nd ed. 1843).

2 E. Bouvier, Flore des Alpes de la Suisse et de la Savoie, 2nd ed. (1882), p. 101.

Alsine Stricta Wahl. (Arenaria Uliginosa Schleich)

Perennial tufts like those of A. verna, but the subulate leaves are rather thicker, somewhat succulent, the stems longer, with few distant pairs of leaves, the pedicels much longer, often an inch or more, and always glabrous, and the sepals are broader. Petals about equalling the calyx. Capsule 3-valved.

Bogs on mountains; rather rare. July, August.


Jura, not otherwise in Switzerland, Southern Germany, Northern and Arctic Europe and Asia, Greenland. In Britain only known on Widdybank Fell in Teesdale. In Norway it reaches perpetual snow.

Arenaria L

Petals 4-5. Stamens 8-10. Styles usually 3. Capsule 6-lobed. Seed without any appendage. Leaves usually roundish-ovate.

About as large a genus as Alsine and, like it, spread over the greater part of the globe.

Arenaria Grandiflora L

Stem 3-6 inches high, ascending, branched, softly hairy above. Leaves linear subulate, finely acuminate, thickened at the margin, ciliated with bristles at the base, otherwise glabrous. Stem 1-3 flowered. Flowers half an inch wide, pure white. Petals twice as long as calyx.

Rocky places among debris of the calcareous Alps from 4000-5500 feet; local. June to August.


Moravia, Eastern Alps, some of the Western Alps, Jura, Saleve, but not actually in Switzerland, Pyrenees, Central and Southern Europe; Algeria.