A large family of inconspicuous greenish herbs, widely distributed many species are Maritime and none truly Alpine.

Chenopodium L. Goosefoot

Flowers small, bisexual, without bracts. Stem angular. Seed-vessel a membranous article, often enclosed in the persistent calyx. Weeds either glabrous or covered with a mealy dust. Widely distributed over the globe.

Chenopodium Bonus-Henricus L. Good King Henry

Stock perennial, with thick, fleshy root like that of a Dock. Stems about a foot high. Leaves like those of Spinage, broadly triangular, stalked, sinuate or with a few large teeth, thick and dark green; upper leaves smaller and nearly sessile. Flowers numerous, in clustered spikes, forming a terminal panicle, leafy at the base.

Waste ground, near villages and mountain chalets, often at considerable elevations in the Alps. May to July.


Europe and Russian Asia except the extreme north. British.

Other species of Chenopodium and also of A triplex are often seen in cultivated and waste land about Alpine villages.