Oxytropis Ftilosa Dc

Stem erect or ascending, 4-12 inches high, softly woolly, like the whole plant. Leaves pinnate, with 7-13 pairs of lanceolate or linear, entire, mucronate leaflets. Stipules lanceolate, sessile at base of leaf-stalk. Flowers ochre-yellow, in dense ovate heads, at length elongated spikes. Pod erect, linear-lanceolate, nearly cylindrical, woolly, nearly sessile within the calyx.

Sunny hills and stony pastures in the Alps. May to July.


Jura, Eastern, Central, and Western Alps, Western and Central Asia as far as China.

Colutea L. Colutea Arborescens L. Bladder Senna

A shrub 6-8 feet high, not spiny. Leaves pinnate, with 7-11 oval leaflets, finely pubescent. Flowers yellow, rather large, standard streaked with brown. Pods much inflated, 5 cm. by 2-3, pendent, membranous, veined and glabrous, closed at the top, while C. orientalis, which resembles it, has pods open at the top.

Hills and sunny places in the plains, extending in Switzerland rarely into the sub-alpine zone, as near Stalden, and in the Maritime Alps to 2000 feet only. May to July.


East and West of France, Eastern Pyrenees, Switzerland, Central and Southern Europe, Western Asia, Algeria. Often cultivated and frequently sub-spontaneous.

Hedysarum L. Hedysarum Obscurum L

Stem 6-12 inches high, erect, simple, glabrous or with scattered hairs. Raceme usually long-stalked, terminal, with sometimes a secondary axillary raceme. Leaves pinnate; leaflets ovate or lanceolate, entire, obtuse or acute. Stipules membraneous, opposite the leaf, 2-cleft. Calyx, peduncle, and pedicels shortly hairy. Flowers large, bright reddish purple, somewhat crowded, pendent. Legume 1-4 chambered, finely downy or glabrous, pendent.

Stony pastures and steep mountain sides and ravines on limestone or schist; often somewhat solitary; 4000-8000 feet. July.


Carpathians, Eastern, Central, and Western Alps; Pyrenees; Arctic Europe; Nova Zembla; Caucasus.

Coronilla L

Small shrubs with yellow flowers in axillary umbels. Calyx shortly campanulate. Petals with long claws. Keel acuminate. Legume nearly straight, cylindrical, or 4-angled. Leaflets often with white margins.

A small genus of about 20 species, inhabiting Europe, W. Asia, and N. Africa.

Coronilla Vaginalis Lamk

A low shrub, with leaflets in 3-7 pairs. Flowers small, in umbels of 4-10 on a peduncle once or twice the length of the leaf. Stipules in the form of a bifid sheath. Pods pendant, 20-30 mm., straight, divided horizontally into 3-6 oval chambers, with 6 angles.

Rocky places in limestone mountains, from the plains up to 6500 feet, June to August.


Mountains of Central and Southern Europe, extending North to Bohemia and the Harz mountains.

Coronilla Emerus L

A shrub 1-2 yards high. Leaflets oboval, truncate, in 2-4 pairs. Flowers large, 2-4 on a peduncle. Legume long, straight, and divided into 7-10 chambers.

Woods and hills, especially on limestone, up to 6000 feet. April to June. On the Riviera it flowers much earlier.


Central and Southern Europe; Norway.