Scleranthus Perennis L. Perennial Knawel

This much resembles S. annuus so well known in sandy places in England and in Switzerland, etc., but the root is larger and stems more tufted. The flowering-stems are more rigid, and the flowers more densely collected in terminal cymes; and the calyx is rather smaller, though bordered with a more conspicuous white edging.

Sandy and rocky places in the hills and plains, ascending to at least 5000 feet in the Alps.


Europe, especially Central; Western, and Northern Asia. Rare in England.

Scleranthus Uncinatus Schur

Resembles the last, but the flowers are greener. Sepals lanceolate-acute, very narrowly edged, spreading and much open at maturity, and terminated by a hooked point.

Sandy places in the mountains. June to August.


Pyrenees, Cevennes, Spain, Austria, Roumania, Balkan Peninsula, Western Asia.