The object of this book is to excite an interest in plants by affording an easy means of studying the structures and affinities of some of our commonest native flowers. In all instances the student should verify the details by dissection of the flowers described. In order to broaden the view some general features dealing with plant life have been touched upon, and where thought desirable repetition has been indulged in.

Miss Barnard is responsible for the illustrations, and her excellent photographs must afford great assistance to the beginner.

The author feels deeply indebted to Mr. Vail and his staff for good advice and much help, and also for the care displayed in producing the book.

Hobart, February, 1910.

Preface To Second Edition

The steady demand for this small work has exhausted the first issue. In offering it to junior students a second time it is thought a slight inclusion of further material may be an advantage. There is so much which can be said in illustrating our native flowers that a work of this kind must necessarily be scratchy; it can only be of use in stimulating interest in the study of botany.

Hobart, April, 1922.