Andromeda. - Named in allusion to the virgin, Andromeda, who, like this plant, was confined in a marsh, and surrounded by the monsters of the water.

The species are neat plants, and some of them considerable shrubs; all requiring a moist situation and peat earth.

A. polifolia. - Water Andromeda. - This beautiful little shrub is from twelve to eighteen inches high, found in wet, mossy bogs, in various parts of the state, and to the extreme north of this continent. The flowers are red before they open, but, when fully expanded, of a rosy hue. It flowers in June.

There are a great number of North American species, which might be introduced into the shrubbery with good effect. Most of them are dwarfs, and succeed well with the same treatment that is given to the Azalea.

A. speciosa and all its varieties are very beautiful, and flower in great profusion, and continue in leaf nearly the whole year, although they are not, strictly, evergreen shrubs. They grow about three feet high.

They are all propagated by seed, layers, or cuttings.