Antirrhinums, or Snap Dragons, as they are commonly called, are among the most showy of bedding-out plants. This flower sports into innumerable varieties, the colors of which, in some of them, are very brilliant.

Their cultivation is very simple, from seed; they will flower the same year, if sown early. They thrive best in rich, sandy loam; or, though in heavy, moist soil, they will grow with greater vigor, they will not flower so profusely as when planted in light, or drier soils. Nor will the plants, which are biennial, stand the winter so well.

To perpetuate superior varieties, the plants must be taken up in autumn, and potted, and then placed in a conservatory, or green-house, where they will blossom; propagate from cuttings, in January, which will give good, strong plants for spring, and, when planted out, will give a mass of splendid flowers the whole of August and September.

Cuphea platycentra has already been alluded to as a handsome bedding plant.