Argemone grandijiora is the most showy of the genus; a native of Mexico. Its large flowers, with delicate white petals and numerous yellow stamens, make a splendid appearance, and we think much superior to

A. ockroleuca, with pale-yellow flowers. The leaves, capsules, and the whole plant, are armed with formidable spines, and having once had the hands or any part of the body come in contact with them, the plant will be forever after, viewed with feelings far from those of pleasure.

A. barclayana is equal to it, in its powers of annoyance, but its more showy, brilliant yellow flowers make amends, in some measure, for its repulsive appearance.

The roots of the Argemone, if taken up and kept in pots, in a frame or cellar, will flower much stronger the next year than seedlings.