The species are trees or shrubs, inhabitants of hot climates. The flowers are produced in panicles, and are large, handsome, and of various colors. The hardy species will grow in almost any good soil, and easily propagated by layers or cuttings of the root.

Bignonia radicans. - Scarlet Trumpet Flower. - This is a magnificent climbing plant, producing large, trumpet-shaped, orange-scarlet flowers, of great beauty, from July to October. They are produced in clusters; handsome in bud, as well as when fully expanded, which, when contrasted with the elegant glossy, pinnate foliage, presents a most splendid sight when trained to a pillar or trellis.

The plant is a little tender in some locations, and will do best to be laid down and covered over, or secured with straw or mats.

This is the only species generally cultivated, in this neighborhood, in the open air. B. grandijiora will succeed in a more southern climate, and perhaps at the north with some protection.