Calliopsis tinctoria. - Elegant Coreopsis. - This is a well-known hardy annual, formerly called Coreopsis tinctoria. The flowers are large and rich, having a dark crimson-brown centre with yellow rays. The only difficulty with the plant is that it makes itself too common, sowing itself over gardens, and making its appearance where it is not wanted. In flower June and July.

Calliopsis tinctoria - var. atropurpurea. - Dyeing Calli-opsis, dark-flowered variety. - This variety of the well known and much admired Coreopsis tinctoria, is very superior to that species. The flowers are about the size of C. tinctoria; the centre is yellow, surrounded by a circle of dark purple, beyond which, to the extremity of the petals, is of a fine red scarlet color; some of the flowers are destitute of the yellow centre. It is a splendid flowering annual, and deserves a place in every flower-garden; we have grown it in masses, and it produces a fine show.